Although MMPumps itself does not manufacture pumps, we can also supply customized installations in addition to the standard products available. A pump is built up with the suitable motor and coupling to obtain a custom-made installation for a specific application. We can also build control and switch boxes ourselves, according to the customer's wishes.

Adjustments and assembly are done in our own workshop, or if desired and if possible at the customer's site. We can assemble pumps for both rental and sale.


It is important that the pump installation is installed correctly. If desired, we can supply and install the equipment ourselves. We have the necessary technicians and equipment for this, and the necessary flexibility to adapt to the customer's planning.

Maintenance and repairs

Our technicians take care of the necessary maintenance and repairs on site or in our workshop. After consultation, so that we cause as little disruption as possible.

We also offer maintenance contracts, which ensure that the pump installation is kept in top shape through periodic checks.


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